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Many bone lesions have a attribute roentgen visual appeal, whereas others create diagnostic dilemmas not just for the radiologist, but in addition for the pathologist and healthcare professional. Arteriography is useful within the analysis of those tricky instances, which can't be clinically determined with sure bet through the mixed info from undeniable radiographs and histologic fabric. for the reason that remedy is depen­ dent at the particular prognosis, and pointless radical surgical procedure has been played some time past for benign ailment, the addition of arteriographic info may well make certain or refute a prognosis and be relatively priceless to the sufferer and orthopedic health practitioner. Issa Yaghmai has had a very good curiosity within the angiography of bone lesions and has gathered over 650 situations in past times 10 years. He has tested sufferers with almost all sorts of bone lesion, and has faithfully cat­ alogued and recorded his findings besides these of the pathologist. The histologically uncertain instances have been despatched to different popular bone patholo­ gists for critiques in order that he may be as actual as attainable in correlating his angiographic findings with particular histologic diagnoses. His number of bone arteriograms is unquestionably some of the most vast on the earth. He has recorded during this quantity the illustrations and knowledge he has accrued, and supplemented it with pertinent details from an exhaustive assessment of the literature. Bone angiography isn't really for each sufferer with a bone lesion, and Issa rigorously tells us while it is going to or won't support us in our differential diagnosis.

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C, D Roentgenograms in arterial (C) and venous (D) phases reveal considerable vascularity, abnormal vessels, and encasement of several smaller ar- 34 teries as well as intense, but uneven, tumor stain in the tumor area. E, F Subtraction roentgenograms of the same arterial and venous phases. Note that the tumor stain is better appreciated in the subtraction views 35 A B Fig. 9 A-F. Mixed osteosarcoma in an ll-year-old female. A Anteroposterior roentgenogram of the distal femur reveals a destructive lesion with a moth-eaten appearance.

C Sub- 42 traction roentgenogram demonstrates the vascular area better than the original film. D Late venous phase demonstrates the exact extension of the tumor in the soft tissues A B o 43 Fig. 13 A-D. Sclerotic osteosarcoma in a lO-year-old male. A, 8 Anteroposterior (A) and lateral (8) views of the knee reveal an amorphous, sclerotic tumor in the proximal tibia. C Early arterial phase reveals nu- 44 merous arteries in the tumor area without noticeable tumor stain. D Modified subtraction film reveals arteries in white, veins in black, and tumor stain in gray color.

A, B Anteroposterior (A) and oblique (B) radiographs of the femur reveal sunburst periosteal. reaction associated with cortical thickening and a soft tissue mass adjacent to the bone. Due to previous injury, this lesion was radiographically diagnosed as myositis ossifi- 50 cans. C, D Arteriogram reveals typical angiographic findings of a malignant tumor. E, F Subtraction films of the same arterial phase demonstrates the intra osseous portion of the tumor as well as soft tissue invasion. (Yaghmai, 1977c) o A F E 51 Fig.

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