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122) Porosity. Titanium welders are constantly confronted with the problem of porosity. It is believed that porosity is caused by hydrogen; however, the origin of this hydrogen is not certain. All titanium contains some hydrogen, usually less than 100 ppm, as an impurity. However, it is unlikely that porosity is caused by this "dissolved" hydrogen. Other possible causes of porosity include dirt, microscopic particles, and water vapor. Whatever the cause, it has been demonstrated that a fresh, clean joint edge is required to produce minimum porosity/122) Mechanical properties of welds.

The range of fracture toughness indicated for any given level of yield strength results from chemical composition, impurities, processing, and heat-treatment variables. Fracture toughness generally decreases as the yield strength increases. 4 Welding of titanium and its alloys Shielding during the welding process is vital in preventing absorption of impurities at welding temperatures. For this purpose, inert gas-shielded arc welding processes are used most commonly/119) The weld zones should be protected at 1200° F (649°C) or higher.

17 presents a summary of V-notch Charpy impact data for titanium alloys with different levels of yield strength. As the strength level increases, notch toughness decreases/ 118) Compared to steels, titanium alloys do not show a sharp transition in fracture toughness with temperature changes and only a gradual change is noted over a relatively broad range of temperatures. Optimum material trend line (OMTL). 18 shows the fracture toughness for all different generic families of titanium alloys. Here, fracture toughness is given in three different scales: 1.

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