Algebraic Geometry: An Introduction by Daniel Perrin (auth.) PDF

By Daniel Perrin (auth.)

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Aimed essentially at graduate scholars and starting researchers, this booklet presents an creation to algebraic geometry that's relatively appropriate for people with no earlier touch with the topic and assumes merely the normal historical past of undergraduate algebra. it truly is constructed from a masters direction given on the Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, and focusses on projective algebraic geometry over an algebraically closed base field.

The ebook starts off with easily-formulated issues of non-trivial strategies – for instance, Bézout’s theorem and the matter of rational curves – and makes use of those difficulties to introduce the elemental instruments of recent algebraic geometry: measurement; singularities; sheaves; types; and cohomology. The remedy makes use of as little commutative algebra as attainable via quoting with no evidence (or proving in basic terms in precise instances) theorems whose facts isn't worthwhile in perform, the concern being to increase an figuring out of the phenomena instead of a mastery of the process. a number of routines is supplied for every subject mentioned, and a variety of difficulties and examination papers are gathered in an appendix to supply fabric for extra study.

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In fact, since all the points (x, 0) in H are collinear, H contains a unique point ∞ = (1, 0) and we identify k and P1 (k) − {∞} via the map x → (x, 1). It follows that the projective line is an affine line to which we add a unique point at infinity. This description enables us to calculate the cardinal of the projective line when k is finite. When k = R or C, we get topological information: the projective line is the Alexandrov compactification of the affine line and is hence a circle for k = R and a sphere for k = C.

We set F(U ) = {s : U → K | ∀ i, s|Ui ∈ F(Ui )}. We leave it as an exercise for the reader to check that this definition is independent of the choice of open cover Ui and that F is indeed the required sheaf. 1, it is enough to define sheaves on bases of open sets. We also note the following trivial lemma. 2. Let X be a topological space equipped with a basis of open sets U, let F be a sheaf and let G be a presheaf on X. We assume F(U ) = G(U ) for every U ∈ U. Then F = G + (cf. c). In the case in hand we therefore seek to define Γ (D(f ), OV ).

R 2) If f ∈ I and f = 0 fi and fi is homogeneous of degree i, then fi ∈ I for every i. Such an ideal is said to be homogeneous. Proof. It is clear that 2) implies 1). Conversely, assume that I is generated by homogeneous elements Gi of degrees αi . Consider F = F0 + · · · + Fr ∈ I, where Fi is homogeneous of degree i. By induction, it will be enough to show Ui Gi , and on identifying terms of that Fr ∈ I. But we can write F = highest degree, we get Fr = Ui,r−αi Gi , so Fr is contained in I. 3. Let R be a graded k-algebra and let I be a homogeneous ideal of R.

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