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Shafarevich's uncomplicated Algebraic Geometry has been a vintage and universally used creation to the topic on account that its first visual appeal over forty years in the past. because the translator writes in a prefatory notice, ``For all [advanced undergraduate and starting graduate] scholars, and for the numerous experts in different branches of math who want a liberal schooling in algebraic geometry, Shafarevich’s publication is a needs to.

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If g ∈ Stab0 (C) then ϕ(g) = idK . , g(Cμ ) = Cμ ∀μ ∈ A1 . In particular, g(C0 ) = C0 , where C0 = Cy . 8 we have g : (x, y) → (αx + f (y), βy) for some α, β ∈ C× and f ∈ C[y]. The equality g(C 1 ) = C 1 implies that f = 0 and β = αb , that is, g ∈ T1,b . Now the claim follows. Thus Stab(C) is an extension of the one-torus T1,b by a finite cyclic group. The proof can be completed due to the following Claim 3. Stab(C) is conjugated in Aut(A2 ) to a subgroup of the maximal torus T. Proof of claim 3.

This phenomenon can be seen on the following simple examples. 3. Letting d = 2 any element f ∈ k[t] can be written as f = f0 + f1 , where f0 is even and f1 is odd. e. e. f1 = 0. 4. Consider a pair of elements γ, γ˜ ∈ Jonq+ (A2k ), γ : (x, y) → (αx + f (y), βy) and ˜ , γ˜ : (x, y) → (˜ αx + f˜(y), βy) and f˜(y) = where am y m f (y) = m≥0 a ˜m y m . m≥0 Then γ and γ˜ commute if and only if (13) am (β˜m − α) ˜ =a ˜m (β m − α) ∀m ≥ 0 . Proof. The proof is easy and is left to the reader. Recall that a quasitorus is a product of a torus and a finite abelian group.

Writing an element γ0 ∈ Γ0 as γ0 = γa,b (t) ◦ γ1 , from γ0 |C = idC we obtain γ1−1 |C = γa,b (t)|C . Hence idC = γ1−N |C = γa,b (tN )|C . It follows that tN = 1. April 10, 2013 10:0 14 Lai Fun - 8643 - Affine Algebraic Geometry - Proceedings 9in x 6in affine-master I. Arzhantsev and M. Zaidenberg Since Γ0 ∩ Γ1 = {id} the map ψ|Γ0 : Γ0 → Gm is injective. So ψ(γ0 ) = ψ(γa,b (t)) has finite order dividing N . Due to claim 1 we can conclude that Γ0 = {id}. Claim 5. Γ = Ta,b . Proof of claim 5. For any γ ∈ Γ there exists t ∈ C× such that γ|C = −1 (t) ∈ Γ0 = {id} and so γ = γa,b (t) ∈ Ta,b .

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