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Hence, an important function of covert articulation is to maintain the contents of the phonological store. However, articulatory suppression eliminates the cf- 20 Working Memory and Cognition fccts of both phonemic similarity and unattended speech under conditions of visual presentation, though not under conditions of auditor}' presentation (Hanley & Broadbent, 1987; Richardson, Greaves, & Smith, 1980). These results indicate that a second major function of covert articulation is to translate orthographic information into a phonological trace to be stored within working memory.

P. (1985). The negative priming effect: Inhibitory priming by ignored objects. Quarterly J'ournal of Experimental Psychology, 37A, 571—590. Tipper, S. , & Cranston, M. (1985). Selective attention and priming: Inhibitory and facilitatory effects of ignored primes. Quarterly journal of Experimental Psychology, 37A, 591-611. Turner, M. , & Engle, R. W. (1989). Is working memory capacity task dependent? journal of Memory and Language, 28, 127—154. , & Baddelcy, A. D. (1984). Fractionation of working memory: Neuropsychological evidence for a phonological short-term store.

In their article, Atkinson and Shiffrin briefly introduced the term "working memory," but their discussion focused on the concept of a short-term buffer for storage and processing of auditory-vcrbal-linguistic (a-v-1) information. They also suggested explicitly that subjects had complete discretion as to the use of control processes, and that increased effort devoted toward control processes would reduce the storage capacity of the buffer and vice versa. In other words, the suggestion was of a flexible system of limited capacity that could function for storage or processing, and the capacity limitation entailed a trade-off between these two functions.

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