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By Daniel S. Et Al [Eds] Lehrman

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T h e background against which the supporting data were obtained is presented elsewhere (Section IV). G . VAGINALEPITHELIAL CHANGES AND ESTROUS BEHAVIOR The temporal relationship of estrous behavior to epithelial changes within the vagina is fairly close, but not sufficiently so to justify the use of vaginal smears in any study requiring precise information with respect to the time of its occurrence and the fact of its occurrence or anything about its character. The relationship was studied by Young (1937) and later in an important supplementary study by Ford and Young (1951).

None exhibited intromission or ejaculation. Two males were then placed with females for 23 days and retested between Days 165 and 195. 4 and intromissions and ejaculations occurred. 3 and whereas there were no intromissions o r ejaculations, a stimulus female was mounted once. T h e second male was then given female cage mates for an additional 25 days. 8 with several mounts but still did not have any intromissions or ejaculations. Once again he was placed with females, this time for 30 days. Three tests were made between Days 275 and 295.

1938), the quality of the response to the gonadal hormones is determined by the character of the tissues on which the hormones act. The feature of the procedure that enabled us to demonstrate this in the male, and therefore to realize that a single endocrinological principle applies to the two sexes, was that each male was given 10 tests in which there was an opportunity to mate with intact females. Later we used spayed females brought into heat at the time of our choice by the injection of estrogen and progesterone.

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