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By M. S. Howe

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Acoustics of Fluid-Structure Interactions addresses an more and more vital department of fluid mechanics--the absorption of noise and vibration through fluid movement. This topic, which deals a variety of demanding situations to standard components of acoustics, is of starting to be trouble in locations the place the surroundings is adversely tormented by sound. Howe offers invaluable history fabric on fluid mechanics and the hassle-free thoughts of classical acoustics and structural vibrations. utilizing examples, lots of which come with entire labored recommendations, he vividly illustrates the theoretical thoughts concerned. He presents the foundation for all calculations useful for the selection of sound iteration by way of airplane, ships, common air flow and combustion structures, in addition to musical tools. either a graduate textbook and a reference for researchers, Acoustics of Fluid-Structure Interactions is a vital synthesis of data during this box. it is going to additionally relief engineers within the conception and perform of noise keep an eye on.

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49). 50), then the hydrodynamic forces Fig. 2 Projections of velocity to the axes of the coordinate system attached to the body when the body turns 20 1 General Discussion of Body Motion in an Ideal Infinite Fluid and torques do not influence it. Assume that the main axes are chosen such that λ44 < λ55 < λ66 . Let the body rotating with constant angular velocity around the axis Ox1 receive a random turn in the plane x1 Oy1 by the angle ϕ (Fig. 2). Then the vector of angular velocity projects on the axes Ox1 and Oy1 .

7) is mapped to the unit disc in the ζ -plane by function z = f (ζ ) = + 1 c m(a + b) ζ+ 2 2c ζ c a+b + a+b c 1 m 2 (ζ + ζ1 ) + m2 4 (ζ 1 m2 ζ+ 4 ζ 2 −1 , + ζ1 )2 − 1 where c= a 2 − b2 ; m= b a+h ; + √ a + b a + h + b2 + h2 + 2ah h is the height of the ribs. Expanding the function f (ζ ) in powers of ζ , we obtain the coefficients 1 k = (a + b)m; 2 k0 = 0; k2 = 0; 1 (a + b) m2 − 1 + a − b ; 2m (m2 − 1)b k3 = . m3 Then it is easy to find the added masses k1 = 2 The Added Masses of Planar Contours Moving in an Ideal Unlimited Fluid Fig.

The description of motion of a two-dimensional contour in an ideal incompressible two-dimensional fluid reduces to computation of the complex potential of the planar flow w(τ ) = ϕ(y, z) + iψ(y, z) [116]. Knowing the potential w(τ ) one can find the components of velocity vy , vz in the whole plane of τ = y + iz. Then, using the 52 2 The Added Masses of Planar Contours Moving in an Ideal Unlimited Fluid Cauchy–Lagrange formula one can determine the pressure at any point, including the points of the contour.

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